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I'm a professional speaker, but why should you hire ME?

From my experiences in the Olympics and in Hollywood, I have a lot of fun and inspirational stories for my audiences. To see an example of some of the exciting Hollywood stories and fun Olympic and Martial Art anecdotes my clients enjoy, please take a look at one of my articles.  But I'm more than just a storyteller.  My experience of how I achieved success against all odds has the power to inspire and motivate my audience.  Through my ongoing quest to face my fears and push beyond my perceived limitations, I have discovered specific tools to achieve success.  It is my belief, that these tools are available to each and every one of us.  All we need is a set of guidelines, a positive, inspired, mind set, and a big kick in the pants from an expert Martial Artist!  So if you want to inspire your employees to become above-average performers, if you want to influence your clients to support your charitable organization, or if you're just itching for a fun, dynamic, taste of Hollywood, give me a call, and I'll add you to the 'hit' list in my little black book.  The code words are, "I CAN!"

What makes my message so compelling and inspirational?

Well, take an abandoned, abused, lonely little girl raised first, in an orphanage, then, a raging alcoholic, suicidal, lower income family, followed by an existence on the streets... in a a halfway house...a government shelter, and finally, a foster home - and you have a seemingly average, but under-achieving young lady with no self-esteem or self confidence, and with a huge fear of failure that causes her to run from any chance, challenge, or dream.

That person was me, until I learned to face my fears and make my dreams come true, first with an incredible story of success with my quest for Olympic Gold, and then with my goal of becoming a top Hollywood Stuntwoman.  Along the way, I discovered the amazing power of the mind, and a very basic "formula for success" that changed me from the normal, status-quo type of individual that I was, into an inspired, over-achiever that can no longer accept the word, "average!"

Recently, in a discussion with a fellow speaker (an experienced professional motivator for sales groups), I was told that he believed that 'super-achievers,' (those that excel), are 'born' that way.  His contention was that it's just a natural ability that some people have, and some don't.   He insisted that ordinary people don't have that 'special power within' to make them extraordinary employees.  I strongly disagreed!  Because, I WAS that average, under-achieving person, who might have remained that way forever; if not for my experience with that first determined goal of making a dream come true.  And that's the message I have sworn to bring to my audiences.  We all have that 'power within,' it's just a matter of knowing it's there, and how to tap into it!