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Thank you for considering me for your event!
As a woman who has overcome the odds and learned to achieve success repeatedly, I enjoy using my stories and lessons of Life, Olympics, Hollywood Stunts, and the Martial Arts, to help my audience members and their organizations, achieve their goals. I prefer to tailor each presentation for the maximum effect and best result for each individual group, and I can change up my presentations to reinforce such objectives as CHOICE, FOCUS, ATTITUDE, PREPARATION, PERSEVERENCE, and CHANGE. As such, I really need your input from the pre-program questions on the ‘Booking Contract’ as to your particular group, theme, and desired result. It may also be possible to take one of my programs and create a shorter or longer variation to meet your needs. Please don’t hesitate to ask me!

Dana Lynn Hee

PS Also, as an option for ‘high-impact’ corporate events, I have top Hollywood Stunt teams and ‘Cirque du Soleil’ rigging crew on stand-by to create a jaw-dropping, theme enhancing opening or close to your event or convention. Just let me know what your theme and details are, and I will coordinate with my experts, and send you a detailed proposal.

For example; in coordination with my main theme, ‘ that great things are possible with just one step with courage,’ I like to use a senior executive of the company to walk a gang-plank on a 15-35 foot platform on stage…and then step off into space. They are actually suspended on a ‘decelerating’ type of cable (with a safety ‘catcher’ below), which will let them descend and come to a gentle stop at ground level. I then interview them as to that ‘feeling’ of facing the ‘unknown’ (that first step into space) versus the realization afterwards…that the process was much easier than it appeared to be…and that, that ‘one step’ was definitely worth the end result of exhilaration and accomplishment!

To give you some ideas that may tie into your event needs…some of my popular programs are as follows…

Great Things Are Possible for ALL of us…with just ONE STEP with courage!

(20, 30, 60, 90 minutes, This is a GREAT short program for
Awards Banquets, and an awesome (longer program) inspirational message for Convention kick-offs, Women’s groups and Educational organizations!)

Inspirational and uplifting, Dana Hee shares her life story of going from ground zero to zero fear…AND how she was able to change her thinking from, “I can’t,” to “I CAN!” Her message that the ‘Thrill of victory IS worth the agony of defeat,’ holds powerful meaning with her stories of Life, Olympics, and Hollywood Stunts. Her audience is left with the lasting and inspiring realization that the ONLY thing worse than failure…is being too afraid to even try!

The most common feedback from this presentation is this, “Your story made me realize, that if you can do it with all that you went through…than I can surely do what I want to do! Thank you!” And,
“You made me remember why it is that I struggle so hard to achieve my goals!”

Courage Conquers All!

(60-90 minute A ‘Self-Help’ presentation on learning how to eliminate fear and elevate results; this is a wonderful Sales and Entrepreneurial short-seminar course.)

Although most of us don’t like to even talk about that ugly word, ‘fear’ exists. And for many of us, it’s a negative part of our day-to-day world! Imagine what life would be like if you could stop fear from interfering with your actions, reactions, and interactions! Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate fear and elevate results? Well it IS possible! With exciting stories and video clips, Dana Hee shows you how. From over 40 years of facing extreme fear – with life circumstances – in a full-contact fighting sport, and then performing dangerous and debilitating stunts for Hollywood films…Dana has developed a simple and effective way to deal with the fear-factor. With this recipe for success, Dana went from ‘ground-zero’ to ‘zero fear’…even though she claims that she is the biggest ‘chicken’ out there! With Dana Hee, YOU TOO, CAN DO! Everything is possible…once you stop fear from interfering in your life.

Rainbows to Reality!

(60-90 minute A ‘nuts and bolts,’ presentation on how to take a dream, a goal, or a plan and MAKE it happen. This program is certain to inspire, motivate and instigate action!)

A dreamer from early childhood, Dana finally learned how to make her dreams come true. First with the Olympics, then in Hollywood, and most especially…with LIFE! In this presentation she explains exactly how she is able to do this time and again, despite any obstacles, setbacks, or difficulties. Dreams can come true…once you know how!

The Crossroads of Change…is all about CHOICE!

(30 or 60 minute presentation on the importance and effect of the choices that we make every single day of our lives. Especially when ‘Change’ happens. Because, how we handle this change makes all the difference in the world!)

We all have a choice, and we must choose…so choose wisely!” This is what Dana tells her audience about the most important lesson that she has learned in life. With fun and powerful examples from Life, Olympics and Hollywood, Dana shows her audience that what they choose to focus on will make the difference between their success and failure, and their happiness or misery. Then she explains from her own powerful story, just why those choices are so important – especially when we are faced with the crossroads of change!