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Taekwondo is a full-contact fighting sport introduced in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea, as a demonstration sport. It is similar to boxing, in that it has weight categories, and that it is full contact and the best way to win is by knockout. It is different, in that a competitor uses their feet, instead of their hands. It is a game, similar to chess, in that opponents try to outsmart and 'trap' their rival into making a mistake so a point can be scored. Kicks are allowed to the head and body, but not below the belt. No fists are allowed to the face. A point is made when a kick lands with staggering force to the head or body.

The 1988 Olympics was the first time that Taekwondo was admitted into the Games, and to this day, it was the most successful victory the United States has experienced for this sport. From a fifteen-member team (generally a team is eight men, and eight women), the United States brought home eleven medals that year, four Gold, two Silver, and five Bronze. The Men's team placed second overall for the world, and the women's team was number one!

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